Seventy-One Second Skin Anti Irritation

Seventy-One Second Skin Anti Irritation

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Second Skin is SeventyOne’s go-to for sportsmen and women, inspired by the papaw, Australian surfers’ favourite fruit. This all-purpose balm protects against wet-suit rash, helps skin damaged by the sun, repairs irritated lips and soothes insect bites. 

Made in France and tested under dermatological control. Before a session, protect sensitive areas of your skin from the sun with Sun Stick SPF 50+.


No nasties: 0% paraben, sulphate, silicone, nanoparticles, phenoxyethanol, alcohol or petrochemical derivatives, alcohol.


How to use it: Apply Second Skin balm before surfing to prevent irritation and rubbing. On a daily basis, use it on your face and body to relieve minor bumps and bruises.


Key active ingredients:

Fermented papaya extract: super antioxidant (20 times higher than vitamin E), boosts the skin's defenses and prevents accelerated aging.
Vegetable candelilla wax:
leaves a non greasy, velvety touch on the skin.
Organic sunflower vegetable oil: very rich in vitamin E and omega 6, softens and nourishes dry and very dry skin.
Organic cocoa butter: antioxidant, it fights against skin aging and is deeply nourishing.
Organic shea butter: moisturizes and really nourishes, to regenerate and revitalize tissues and restore your skin’s elasticity.
Organic castor oil: rich in fatty acid, it also strengthens nails, lashes and hair.
Beeswax: its emollients and protective film soften, soothe and shield your skin.


Please note, skin care is non returnable.